Friday, April 25, 2014

Mini Golf Contest! Floating Islands!

Earlier this year I decided to take part in the Mini Golf art contest sponsored by Polycount and Project Anarchy. Participants were challenged to create a low-poly mini golf hole using Havok's new Project Anarchy engine.

I decided to go with a Floating Islands theme for my hole. After I had gathered plenty of reference images and decided on an initial design I started blocking everything out and getting it into the engine for testing ASAP. After playing the block-out I continued to make further design changes. Many iterations later, I had finalized a block-out that I was happy with. I then focused all of my attention on creating the textures and finalizing the artwork. Floating Islands placed among the 9 winning entries and was featured at Havok's booth at GDC 2014.

Block-Out Playthrough

Final Playthrough (In Editor)

I couldn't make it down to GDC this year, but I was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon
a video of my mini golf hole being used to help showcase Project Anarchy at GDC. Starts at about 55 seconds in. :)

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